Core Team

The purpose of the GIVE Core Team is to serve as a governing body for the organization. Founded in the summer of 2011, the Core Team is divided into six committees: the Tutoring Committee, Public Relations Committee, and the Developmental Committee. Committee. Each committee has its own objectives (refer below). Organizational decisions are made and initiatives are carried out in the Core Team. In the fall, GIVE Center Managers and Assistant Center Managers will be selected from the Core Team, and the following year, new Directors will be selected among the returning Core Team members.

Social Media Committee

  • This committee is responsible for handling the organization’s use of social media such as Facebook. They are also responsible for revamping and updating the website.
  • Members of Social Media Committee: (From left to right) Peter Zhao, Victoria Cho, Anika Sindhwani, Elise Mai, Quan Lu, Elise Kim

Social Media

Public Relations Committee

  • This committee is responsible for finding events that GIVE could present at, helping to publicize and advertise GIVE, contacting newspapers and media outlets, establishing relationships for GIVE with certain other organizations, and creating promotional materials
  • Members of Public Relations Committee: (Left to right) Wendy Yin, Varun Iyengar, Calvin Chen, DJ Jayachandran, Johnson Song, Joyce Duan, Joanne Tang, Christina Wei, Quinn Chu (not pictured)

Public Relations

Expansion Committee

  • This committee is responsible for attempting to expand the tutoring program to more centers across the NOVA-DC area, setting up new centers, finding a location in need of a center, contacting local schools to feed into centers, and setting up centers with librarians.
  • Members of Expansion Committee: (Left to right) Jeffrey Yoo, Abhishek Bhargava, Jay Pan, Arun Bhattasili, Katie Pruitt, Sam Dasari, Kavita Subedi, Sruthi Kodali, Reema Patel, Rithika Anand


Center Development Committee

  • This committee is responsible for improving the current tutoring program at centers, helping to produce a tangible student curriculum based on SOL standards, creating center protocol such as training center managers, creating a more uniform method of running centers, designing a system for acclimating new tutors, working to improve tutor and student attendance, and improving the registration system due to technological and language barriers.
  • Members of Center Development Committee: (Left to right) Brian Chung, Esther Chung, Ria Shah, Deepika Gudavalli, Shreya Bhatia, Emilia Catacora, Neha Rao, Ariana Habibi, Thor Keller, Pallavi Bhave

Center Development

Community Projects Committee

  • This committee is responsible for administrating service projects such as book drives, creating monthly workshops to help empower youth and teach them life skills (public speaking, leadership, finance), creating a GIVE showcase and newsletter, donating to specific charities that have similar goals as GIVE, and improving drives.
  • Members of this committee: (Left to right) Valerie Nguyen, Yeonju Kim, Shad Khan, Matt Huo, Ankit Agrawal, Isha Ghodgaonkar, Vikky Batra, Ishika Jain, Ravi Shankar


Finances/Fundraising Committe

  • This committe is responsible for applying for grants, setting up fundraisers (ex: car washes, bake sales), and helping project costs for a budget as determined by the Executive Team.
  • Members of this committee: Adarsh Kulkarni, Hailey Ngo,Krupa Patel, Rahul Patel, and Viviana Rosas.