AP/SAT Book Drive


It all started when...

With the end of AP exams and SATs, many students throw away their lightly used prep books. In response to this, GIVE started several AP-SAT book drives in high schools to collect these unwanted study aid guides and distribute them to high school students across the DC Metropolitan Area who plan to take these courses next year, but may not have the resources to afford the materials.

In February 2014, GIVE sponsored its first AP-SAT Book drive at TJHSST. It was a resounding success, as over 280 books were collected.  For this drive, GIVE partnered up with TJHSST’s National Honor Society to allow students to receive service hours for their generous prep-book donations. GIVE has expanded its collection to other schools in the Northern Virginia area and has donated over $10,000 in books to high school students in need.