Every summer, GIVE hosts its selective Core Team program, an opportunity for some of the organization’s most passionate volunteers to implement innovative ideas in order to expand our mission to serve our community. Through Core Team, 30 committed members meet every Saturday in the summer to work on various projects, ranging from increasing outreach to creating interactive workshops. We also hold bake sales in order to raise money to fund our projects to benefit more youth.

GIVE believes in the importance of nurturing social entrepreneurship—Core Team is a valuable opportunity for our volunteers to develop this essential skill.

App Development Committee

The App Development Committee is responsible for creating new apps in order to enhance GIVE’s services. Our members utilize coding and programming skills in order to create apps. Committee goals include creating an app that can facilitate communication among our centers, creating interactive games for our tutees, and more.

Summer 2018 Members:

Wayez Ahmed, 12, TJHSST

Emily Fang, 12, Oakton High School

Riya Jain, 11, Oakton High School

Ram Malladi, 11, Broad Run High School

Book Drive Committee

The Book Drive committee is focused on organizing prepbook collection drives from all our tutoring centers. With the goal of distributing these books to underprivileged kids from across Northern Virginia, we collected a total of 60 prepbooks. This process involved emailing centers and coordinating with library managers to setup potential drop-off locations for the drive. We successfully arranged drop-off locations at Chantilly regional, Martha Washington and James Lee libraries. These prepbooks will be distributed to various high schools in the area including Woodson, Centreville, Annandale, Justice, and Madison High School. If you are a student or staff member of a high school and are interested in receiving prep book donations, please contact GIVE at directors@giveyouth.org!

Summer 2018 Members:

Dounia Ansary, 12, Centreville High School

Aditi Jain, 12, Chantilly High School

Mahesh Menon, 12, TJHSST

Database Committee

The Database Committee focuses on compiling together additional resources, worksheets, and materials in order to enhance our educational services. Through our work, we hope to introduce students and families to low-cost enrichment resources, and provide additional educational materials for our tutees and tutors, such as math worksheets.

Summer 2018 Members:

Kidus Asmare Ayele, 11, Annandale High School

Alex Catacora Lopez, 12, Centreville High School

Srivarshini (Nikki) Prabhu, 12, TJHSST

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee focuses on increasing GIVE’s presence in the local schools of our community. We strive to strengthen our relations with educators and families and broaden our impact on the community through reaching out to schools. Additionally, we strive to get more volunteers involved in our organization by reaching out to high schools and service clubs.

Summer 2018 Members:

Sarah Kim, 12, Centreville High School

Yeonwoo Kim, 11, TJHSST

Melody Llinas, 11, Edison High School

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is focused on managing GIVE’s social media platforms. In particular, the committee manages GIVE’s Facebook page, uploading new content such as interviews with our members, advertising our bake sales and book drive, and more. This summer, we also opened our new Instagram page which we also update regularly. Through our work, we hope to increase GIVE’s recognition in the community by increasing our online presence.

Summer 2018 Members:

Helena Harte, 12, Woodson High School

Jessica Hong, 11, Centreville High School

Marian Qian, 10, TJHSST

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for the upkeep and design of the GIVE website. Its members work to ensure that the most current information is displayed and that the website is running smoothly. Its members also upload worksheets, documents, and other useful resources. This summer consisted of revamping our website to be more user-friendly which was successfully launched in the fall.

Summer 2018 Members:

Kidus Asmare Ayele, 11, Annandale High School

Aryaan Hussain, 11, Flint Hill School

Dhruv Sundararaman, 10, Oakton High School

Arnav Wadehra, 11, Madison High School

Workshops Committee

The Workshops Committee focuses their work on creating workshops for tutors and tutees. The workshops are not only focused on STEM but also on creative subjects such as music and origami. Moreover, workshops include lesson plans for the tutors and fun, new activities for our students in order to help them build new skills and explore different areas of interest. The committee also works on finding accessible enrichment opportunities for the students in GIVE's community.

Summer 2018 Members:

Danielle Castro, 12, TJHSST

Shreya Kurdukar, 12, TJHSST

Esha Pathi, 10, South Lakes High School

Esha Saini, 12, TJHSST

Aliah Showkatian, 11

Jenny Tan, 12, TJHSST