Thank you for your willingness to donate!
Since GIVE is a community non-profit organization, we can only continue our programs if we have enough donors!
GIVE is committed to ensuring most donations are directly offered to students, so all legal and financial work is done by its directors or generous volunteers.

What are Donations Used for?

  • Workbooks for all grade levels (usually K-6) that are used by all tutors in each of the centers. These are updated each year and are expensive!
  • Laminating each page of these workbooks to last for years
  • Funding the GIVE book project so that more can be printed and distributed to schools and libraries at no cost
  • Supplies such as notebooks, paper, and pencils for students to use at the tutoring centers
  • Snacks for all students at each of the thirteen centers each week
  • Occasional events such as the end of the year celebration for GIVE students
  • Tablets for each center for underprivileged children to access online resources
  • Maintenance of the GIVE website
  • Legal transactions such as state and federal government recognition/membership fees on non-profit organizations

In addition to financial contributions, GIVE also takes:

  • Gently used/new student workbooks and/or textbooks for all grade levels and abilities
  • Gently used/new test preparation books (can be for any standardized test and not just the SAT or ACT)
  • Any type of school supplies/office materials (for students in the tutoring program)
  • Help with skills/suggestions for improvement. For example, Main Street Bank has generously offered free banking and financial consulting
  • Any volunteer time offered to help GIVE gain recognition (mainly by media) or raise funds