Arnav Wadehra

Arnav is a junior at James Madison High School and has been involved with GIVE for over 3 years. He started volunteering for GIVE his freshman year because he loved working with children and wanted to give back to the community. During the 2018-19 school year, he served as a core team member and center manager at the Thomas Jefferson Library GIVE center. Soon after, he became a member of the Executive Team where he manages GIVE’s website and technical projects. Arnav spends most of his free time building drones, learning about computers, and catching up with world news.


Jessica Hong

Jessica is a senior at Centreville High School and has been working with GIVE since her freshman year. She began as a tutor then became a Core Team member during her sophomore year. Since then, she has served as a center manager of the Centreville Regional Library center and now is a member of the GIVE Executive Team. Her passion of serving her community and helping kids encourages her to fulfill her role as an Executive as she aims to also serve the underprivileged students. Outside of GIVE and school, Jessica loves to spend quality time with her family, play Tetris in her free time, and snowboard during the winter season.


Aliah Showkatian

Aliah is an early high school graduate and is currently pursuing an Associates degree in English from Northern Virginia Community College. She has been working with GIVE for over 3 years, serving as a tutor and core team member for two consecutive years. Later, she was the sole center manager for Bull Run Library, where she managed GIVE’s sessions during the 2018-19 school year. This is her first year as part of the Executive Team, where she works in finances and as the primary tutor/center troubleshooter. Aliah spends most of her free time reading classic literature, writing, and playing the piano.


Sanjana Meduri

Sanjana is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA, and has been working with GIVE for 4 years. She started off as a tutor in ninth grade, and became a member of Core Team the summer before tenth grade. She then became a Center Manager at the Centreville Library in her sophomore year, and in junior year, she became a member of the Executive Team. Sanjana enjoys being a member of the Executive Team because it gives her an opportunity to serve the community and help other give back as well. Outside of GIVE, Sanjana loves to dance and is interested in pursuing computer science in college.


Dhruv Sundararaman

Dhruv is a junior at Oakton High School. He’s been a part of Give for around three years now, and has been center manager of the Thomas Jefferson Library. As part of the executive team, he focuses on the financial aspect of GIVE. He is pursuing a degree in Computer Science and hopes to remain a part of give past high school. Outside of Give, you can find Dhruv at your favorite restaurant, the gym, at home fast asleep or at his dance academy at DCMPAA