Children’s Book Publication

In May 2011, GIVE published a book titled “Being Different is what Makes Us Special!” This book was published with the main goals of GIVE taken into account: education, cultural and religious tolerance, and awareness of bullying. These books are being distributed to elementary schools and GIVE centers across Virginia to spread awareness for this issue, especially in relation to the prevalence of recent bullying incidents. This book is available for individuals who would like to share its message with the greater community.


AP/SAT Book Drive

With the end of AP exams and SATs, many students throw away their lightly used prep books. In response to this, GIVE started several AP-SAT book drives in high schools to collect these unwanted study aid guides and distribute them to high school students across the DC Metropolitan Area who plan to take these courses next year, but may not have the resources to afford the materials. The prep books are invaluable in the exam preparation process.

In February 2014, GIVE sponsored an AP-SAT Book drive at TJHSST. It was a resounding success, as over 280 books were collected! For this drive, GIVE partnered up with TJHSST’s National Honor Society to allow students to receive service hours for their generous prep-book donations. GIVE hopes to expand in the coming years to many more schools across Virginia.


Fairfax County Summer RecQuest Program 2012

In the summer of 2012, Kartik Gupta, the co-founder of GIVE, partnered up with the Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation Services to form a program to introduce students to fun and innovative science experiments. Since then, GIVE has been invited back each summer by Fairfax County to continue with this program.

The goal of this project is to increase and foster STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) interest in elementary school students, as well as put an end to the dreaded “summer brain drain”.

Leaders work with elementary school students and conduct science demonstrations one to two days a week for two-hour periods during the summer.

Some of the activities and experiments conducted in the past include:

  • Penny Cleaning: demonstrate and explain how a mixture of vinegar and table salt can be used to clean the grime off of dirty pennies.
  • Persistence of vision: explain how physics and your brain work together to form optical illusions using a hands-on demonstration.
  • Oobleck: Teach a lesson about the states of matter along with an experiment on oobleck, a mixture of corn starch and water.
  • Voltaic cell: Explain how electricity and circuits work by creating a home-made battery using simple household products.

If you are interested in becoming involved in GIVE’s RecQuest Program during Summer 2014, please email us at or send us a message under the “Contact” tab.