Growth and Inspiration through Volunteering and Education (GIVE), is a community organization founded and run by high school students. GIVE was inspired by the need for civic engagement and the desire to improve our local community. We seek to invest in the next generation, by striving to provide opportunities to those who seek them in the fields of education, empowerment, and leadership. We especially emphasize the importance of learning and promote an enthusiastic attitude towards it. Through our multiple programs we focus on the various aspects of education. We serve as mentors to younger children, provide resources to underprivileged students, and attempt to leave our mark on the next generation through our efforts.


The mission of GIVE (Growth and Inspiration through Volunteering and Education) is to promote the leadership of youth through projects that will improve the quality of life in their communities.


GIVE was started by these students

After 8 years, y students impacted, and 18 tutoring centers

Now these 8 students lead GIVE

And these Committees make GIVE what it is today

Expansion Committee

The expansion committee is designed to grow the GIVE tutoring mission and extend to as many areas in need as possible. The committee consists of setting up new centers by contacting and target library and surrounding schools to set up a tutoring program

 (from left) Siddhant, Valerie, Arun, Jonathan, Rashel, Kush

Center Development

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Public Relations

PR is responsible for spreading the mission and word of GIVE through fundraising and other projects. The committee manages GIVE's social media, the GIVE newsletter, GIVE flyers, booths at "Back to School Nights" and partnerships with other clubs/organizations.

Back Row: Grace Ko, DJ Jassal, David Yan
Middle Row: Karen Vuong, Angie Sohn, Anusha Rahman, and Micaela Valdivia

Summer Programs

The Summer Programs Committee is one of the newest committees formed and their main objective was to develop a curriculum for the GIVE Summer Program for the upcoming summer. The curriculum includes activities that range from STEM, public speaking, writing workshops, to leadership and other such workshops.

(from left) Shrey Kalra, Andrew Liu, Andrew Zhang, Viviana Rosas, and Alvin Kim